Arts / Van Gogh’s irises inspire winning poem

Article on my first poem in Australia

Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts

by Lesley Williamson

This is how I was able to write my latest batch of poems – a few weeks in a quiet place to find the stories that matter to me.

Faber & The Poetry Society Reading: Eric Berlin, Emily Berry and Jack Underwood

by Diana Kurakina

The Poetry Society booked this reading for Faber's members in the Bloomsbury building haunted by T.S. Eliot. This was one of the warmest audiences I ever read to, a cozy venue with Christmas lights strung across the bookcases. T

The Spirit of a Shopping Mall

by Taylor Collier

A very generous reading by a poet whose work I admire greatly too.

Transatlantic Poetry Reading

Reading and Q&A

I'm so grateful to Edward Doegar for inviting me to participate in this series!

Front Row

Interview (@ 24:00)

An interview with the popular BBC4 arts radio show

The Today Programme

Interview with a morning radio show in the UK (@2:54)

My first radio appearance...

The Two Americans Who Trumped British National Poetry Competition

by Phil Brown

Despite the upsetting verb in the headline, this article reviews my winning piece very generously.

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